PowerVault LTO-7

Reliable tape-based storage

LTO tape drives offer fast, reliable data backup and archive with a low total cost of ownership.

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Store lots of data for the long haul

Simplify data backup and archive by easily integrating the LTO family of tape drives into your data center. With up to 12TB of native capacity on a single cartridge, LTO drives provide decades of shelf life for industries and tasks that need reliable, long-term, large-capacity data retention, such as:

Healthcare imaging

Media and entertainment

Video surveillance

Geophysical (oil and gas) data

Computational analysis, such as genome mapping and event simulations

Lower your long-term storage TCO and environmental impact

In addition to a lower acquisition cost per gigabyte, LTO tape drives lower your energy consumption and costs because power is used only when data is written to or read from the tape media. For infrequently accessed data, tape remains one of the most economical and environmentally friendly storage technologies available.

Tape storage also gives you room to grow. Its lower power consumption makes it an ideal part of a cloud physical infrastructure build-out. Linear Tape File System (LTFS) support removes software incompatibilities, creating portability between different vendors and operating systems to extend the life of your infrastructure investments.

Safeguard your data and meet regulatory compliance

LTO tape drives deliver peace of mind that your data is securely stored and in regulatory compliance against problems like hardware failure, natural disasters, theft or cyber threats.

AES 256-bit hardware encryption helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, reducing the risk of data loss or corruption due to virus or sabotage and protecting data privacy during media transport.

An LED encryption indicator visually confirms when data is being encrypted or when an encrypted cartridge is mounted.

Write-once, read-many (WORM) media ensures that once data has been written, it cannot be altered.

Key benefits include:

Up to 12TB native capacity per cartridge

Up to 300MB/s native transfer rate per half-height drive (1080GB/hr); Up to 360MB/s native transfer rate per full-height drive (1296GB/hr)

Device-level AES-256 hardware encryption


Additional information



Drive Type

LTO Ultrium 7


Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

Cartridge Capacity

Native: 6 TB

Interface Connector

6 Gbps SAS interface


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