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Perm-A-Store, manufactures and sells the Turtle brand of protective cases for data tapes, hard drives, SSD drives as well as specialty cases for the protection of valuable assets such as artistic glass. In addition, Perm-A-Store offers media cabinets, fireproof media safes and data destruction equipment. Our background in tape media manufacturing serves us well in designing products that protect data. Our 30 year reputation of providing the best quality, service and support is the result of our commitment to our resellers and customers worldwide. While we manufacture products that we know are the industry’s best, it is our support of the customer that most distinguishes us from our competitors. Our core values place the customer first in all interactions. And if the benefit of the doubt is ever required it’s the customer that receives it. That’s a promise that’ll keep us in business for another 30 years and beyond.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since 1988 Turtle cases have been designed specifically to protect critical data on tapes and hard drives. As data density continues to increase, the need to provide maximum protection is paramount. We continue to improve the design and engineer our cases to provide the highest level of protection possible. Turtle cases are made exclusively in North America.

  • All Turtle models provide specific protection from: Impact Debris Extremes in temperature and humidity In a nutshell, Turtles have molded slots and no exposed foam debris generating agents. The Classic Turtle Case design employs molded plastic slots that securely hold the LTO cartridges in place, separate from one another. Classic cases also have two exterior walls for impact protection and insulation from temperature extremes. Waterproof TeraTurtle cases employ a gasketed design that delivers an airtight, dustproof, waterproof interior along with a more heavy-duty exterior. Inside the TeraTurtle maximum impact protection is attained via a coated/sealed foam material that does not expose any foam debris. Double movement latches in the heavy duty Turtles provide a premium level of security.

  • It includes anti-static foam The foam has slots laser cut to drive sizes Heavy-duty waterproof case construction

  • There are nearly 100 different case models available. Capacities range from: 1-50 for tapes 1-33 for 3.5” hard drives 1-84 for 2.5” hard drives 33 for USB/Flash drives

  • Fit for purpose. Turtle cases are designed and built with features to protect recorded data media. Also, customers often mention that our double movement latches on our heavy duty cases are MUCH easier to use than our competitors. “I have broken finger nails on the competitor’s latches; never with a Turtle Case” one customer commented.

  • The short answer is “no” and nor is any carrying case. Keeping the temperature low enough to preserve data would require thick walls of concrete and steel. Any case that would meet the tough data specification for keeping temperatures low would be far too heavy to carry. Instead, Turtle cases are designed to protect against the more commonly occurring events that result in data loss: damage from impact (dropping), data loss from wound in debris and physical distortion from high heat/humidity.

  • We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with your Turtle Case contact your reseller or us directly at 800.366.7535. We expect you to be completely satisfied with your Turtle products.

  • Yes, there are several testing processes that are used. One is internal and includes temperature protection as well as impact (drop tests) protection to guarantee that recorded data is not lost during normal handling when protected in a Turtle Case. In addition, Fuji Film has published testing results to certify that Turtle Cases protect data without loss when LTO tapes are stored and shipped. Lastly, the Cascade Technical Institute of Canada has conducted detailed testing on impact, water intrusion, airtight certification and crushproof certification on our heavy duty cases. All these testing documents are available.

  • The most common use of our cabinets and racks is to store LTO tape cartridges. However, the growth in the use of removable hard drives has resulted in the use of our cabinets and racks for HDs as well.

  • Cabinets are enclosed with doors and a lock so access is restricted.Racks are “open” shelving. This means the contents on the shelves are easily accessed as they are “sitting” on a shelf without being enclosed.

  • Heavy gauge steel is used in the construction.Then a high quality, long lasting powder coat paint finish is applied. These are tough, durable cabinets.

  • 15 year manufacturing defect warranty applies to all Turtle racks and cabinets.

  • On a single rack shelf 30 LTO tapes in their plastic boxes can be held. Multiply that times the number of shelves to see the rack capacity. 54” and 84” rack heights are available. Racks are offered in single-sided and double-sided designs. An 84” double-sided rack has 24 shelves total with a capacity for 720 LTO tapes.

  • Cabinets are available in sizes from 36” high to 83” high. Multi-media roll out shelves are standard and LTO capacities from the smallest to the largest cabinet is from 465 to 1302.

  • Heavy gauge steel Aircraft cable bi-fold door closure with built-in lock Easy access sliding multi-media shelves

  • These safes are designed to protect from fire damage to recorded data on computer tapes, hard drives and optical media. There are specific standards, known as Class 125, that are required to guarantee that over a period of time (typically 1.5-2 hours) and at a specific temperature level for the fire (typically 1850 degrees F) the temperature inside the safe does not reach a level where data is lost. NOTE: These specs are different (more stringent) from standard document safes.

  • Safe capacities vary by model. The smallest model will hold 14 tapes or drives and the largest will hold close to 1000. Note that there are many sizes of hard drives so capacity for those will vary greatly. We also offer a slotted, anti-static foam drawer insert for the Data Commander Series safes.

  • Each model has a pre-configured number of drawers and shelves. These numbers can be modified, and it will affect the cost of the safe.