IBM TS2280 Tape Drive

IBM® TS2280 Tape Drive incorporates the latest generation of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology, delivering even higher capacity than the previous generation. In addition to backup, TS2280 is designed to help your business handle the growing data demands of modern tape use cases like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and active file archive. By providing a physical storage capacity of up to 30 TB per cartridge (with 2.5:1 compression), TS2280 is an excellent tape storage solution for small and medium businesses requiring backup and low-cost, archival storage of data.

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Reduce storage costs

Gain 2X the storage capacity in the same footprint. Store up to 30 TB (compressed) per cartridge—twice the capacity of previous-generation LTO cartridges.

Simplify data management

Make tape-based data easy to access. IBM Spectrum Archive™ supports the tape-oriented IBM Linear Tape File System™ (IBM LTFS).

Help meet compliance requirements

Enhance security and compliance with data encryption and Write Once Read Many (WORM) support.

Increase flexibility

Compact external enclosure enables portability and flexible installation (desktop or fits two TS2280s side-by-side on 19-inch rack shelf).

Empower your users

Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect™ allows users to create, manage and archive, including concurrent copies of content, plus active, inactive and offsite content.

Easily integrate

Cross-platform, open systems support helps integrate high-capacity tape backups with a variety of systems running Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating systems.

Key features

Fast data transfer

Simplified access and management

Flexible network integration

Maximized performance and enhanced security

File-level access to tape data

Interchangeable Ultrium 8 and Ultrium 7 tape media

Data encryption

High capacity and operational simplicity

Technical specifications

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4.3 kg





Drive Type

LTO Ultrium 8



Cartridge Capacity

12 TB native; 30 TB with 2.5:1 compression

Drive Throughput

Up to 300 MBps native, up to 750 MBps with 2.5:1 compression

Interface Connector

6 Gbps SAS interface

Tape Format

Read and write: LTO Ultrium 8 • 12 TB data cartridge • 12 TB WORM cartridge LTO Ultrium 7 • 6 TB data cartridge • 6 TB WORM cartridge Also available: LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge


213 mm x 58 mm x 332 mm (8.4 in. x 2.3 in. x 13.1 in.)


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