IBM 2727264 3592 JL Advanced Economy Cartridge 2TB

MAIN OVERVIEW FEATURES: Tape Technology: 3592Compressed Storage Capacity: 6 TBNative Storage Capacity: 2 TBTape Length: 920 ft

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The IBM 3592 JL 2TB Data Cartridge 2727264 an Enterprise Advanced Economy Tape Cartridge (EAETC) is only supported for use with TS1150 Tape Drives and has a native capacity up to 2TB. The IBM enterprise 3592 JL data cartridge has an estimated archival life of up to 30 years and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, free from manufacturing and material defects for the useful life of the product.

All IBM 3592 tape cartridges including JL cartridges support media re-use by enabling the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation media cartridges. That means existing media cartridges achieve both improved performance and capacity which helps you mitigate the impact of a tape subsystem upgrades. The IBM 3592 tape cartridge features a memory chip that stores performance and usage records. These records are used to proactively determine whether the tape needs to be replaced. The cartridge utilises thick plastics, ultrasonic welding techniques and tamper-proof screws to provide protection against accidental damage. The IBM 3592 JL cartridges use a uniform, ultra-smooth magnetic layer with a refined coating to improve media reliability, increase performance and minimize tape head wear.

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15.2 × 15.2 × 10.2 cm






Tape Cartridge



Operating Conditions

60 – 90°F

Cartridge Disposal

Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261; can be disposed of as normal office trash




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