Dell LTO Ultrium 5 Data Cartridge 5 1.5TB/3.0TB (02H9YH)

This inexpensive and high density LTO ultrium 5 tape by Dell satisfies the stringent archiving and massive data backup needs. The part no. is 02H9YH.This solution provides the ultra high speed storage/retrieval capability to comply with demanding requirements of data intensive apps. Operate this 02H9YH media cartridge with the next LTO6 generation, and create copies of server data with superior accuracy. Data can be recorded within a remarkable 15 percent smaller backup window than ultrium4 solution. Dell LTO-5 system is easy to handle, and the improved track density allows 1.5 TB storage without compressing the files.

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he Ultrium LTO-5 technology offers up to 1.5TB native capacity with a transfer rate of 504GB/hr. That is an almost double the capacity, while shrinking the backup window by 15%, over previous generations of LTO4 drives. With a 6GB SAS interface the PowerVault LTO-5-140 leverages higher transfer rates over traditional SCSI interfaces.
Excellent Security
PowerVault™ LTO-5-140 along with LTO4, offers device level encryption. This enables organizations to protect their data efficiently without the added cost and expense of software-based encryption.
  • Single external LTO-5 tape drive, internal model available within server configurations
  • High performance and capacity back up a maximum of 1.5TB (native) of information at up to 504GB/hr (native)
  • Read and write compatible with LTO-5 and LTO-4 media , LTO-3 media and is read compatible only
  • Available with LTO-5 WORM (Write Once, Read Many) media to protect your data from being altered or changed
  • Device Level Encryption simplifies the encryption process by helping to eliminate the need and cost of software-based encryption

Additional information

Part No.


Storage Capacity

1500 GB (Native)/3000 GB (Compressed)

Drive Supported

LTO Ultrium 5 (Read/Write)










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