Dell LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge (400/800) GB (0HC591)

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-High-Capacity Storage and Long Archival Life
  • Capacity: 400 GB (Native) / 800GB (Compressed)
  • Transfer Speed: 40MB/Second (Native); 80MB/Second (Max. Compressed)High Capacity
    High recording density is a crucial factor in tape capacity, and DELL draws on its long experience in tape manufacture technologies to create tapes with up to 800GB (2:1 compressed; 400GB native) capacity on a single cartridge to meet the needs of the most demanding applications

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The Dell LTO3 offers 400GB of native data and 800GB of compressed data for data storage efforts by mid-size to large organizations. Not only does the LTO3 Dell tape cartridge offer a massive amount of space for the storage of important data, it is also built to last for 30 years and more (when stored within a stable environment).

  • With a transfer rate of 80MB per second native and 160MB per second compressed, the Dell LTO3 Ultrium allows for daily data backups and information recall to be done both reliably and efficiently.
  • Perfect for meeting the needs of organizations that must adhere to data storage rules set forth by regulatory bodings including the SEC, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others.
  • Compatible with LTO-3 drives and automation systems, offers a secure, reliable, and efficient way to store large amounts of data.

Additional information

Part No.



80MB/sec (native) / 160MB/sec (Max compressed)

Native Capacity

400 GB

Compressed Capacity

800 GB


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