IBM TS1140 Tape Drive 3592-E07

The IBM TS1140 tape drive features storage capabilities to help you establish rapid access to data, improve security, provide long-term retention, and maintain data governance and regulatory compliance. TS1140 offers high-performance, flexible data storage with support for data encryption and can help protect your investments in tape automation through compatibility with existing automation. To further protect your investment, an upgrade model is available for existing IBM TS1130 tape drives. For flexible storage in heterogeneous server infrastructures, TS1140 offers multiplatform support and scales from midrange to enterprise environments.


The IBM 3592 System Storage TS1140 Tape Drive Model E07 is the fourth generation of the highly successful IBM 3592 Enterprise Tape Drive. It is supported for integration in the IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library or racks that enable stand-alone installations.

The TS1140 Tape Drive is designed to provide higher levels of performance, reliability, and cartridge capacity than the TS1130 Model E06 Tape Drive. It has a high-technology 32-channel GMR head design and provides a native data rate performance of up to 250 MB/sec versus the 160 MB/sec data rate of the TS1130 Tape Drive Model E06. The TS1140 E07 Tape Drive has a dual-port 8-Gbps Fibre Channel interface for Fibre Channel attachment to host systems or a switched fabric environment.

With the use of the IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Advanced Data (Type C), TS1140 Model E07 can format a cartridge uncompressed up to 4.0 TB (12.0 TB with 3:1 compression). TS1140 E07 is designed for automation and uses a tape cartridge with a form factor similar to other 3592 tape cartridges, allowing it to be used in the IBM TS3500 Tape Library.

The TS1140 Tape Drive also supports drive-based data encryption to help protect your data. The TS1140-based encryption and associated IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager component are supported in a wide variety of operating system environments, including IBM Power, IBM System i, IBM System x, IBM System p, HP-UX, Oracle, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Application, System, or Library Managed encryption management methods are supported. The encryption capability is supported when the TS1140 Tape Drive is integrated or attaches to selected IBM supported tape libraries, subsystems, or controllers.

The TS1140 E07 Tape Drive is the next generation of the highly successful 3592 Enterprise Tape Drive. The TS1140 is supported in a wide range of environments, including IBM Power Systems, IBM System i, IBM System p, IBM System x, and other servers running AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows operating system environments. It has significant performance and capacity benefits over the IBM TS1130, as well as other half-inch tape drives.


  • Up to 4 TB native capacity on an IBM 3592 JC/JY cartridge
  • Leverage high capacity to help reduce the need for additional tape drives and cartridges. Use fewer drives to reduce complexity of your tape infrastructure.
  • Media partitioning
  • Improve data management and leverage faster data access with media partitioning. You can also update tape partitions independently.
  • IBM Spectrum Archive with LTFS technology
  • Reduce cost of long-term data retention by accessing tape storage without the need for proprietary applications. You also gain fast access to archived data with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Virtual backhitch and high-resolution directory
  • Improve access to data and reduce wear and tear on media with virtual backhitch and high-resolution directory.
  • Support for IBM Power and System z
  • Leverage support for your heterogeneous infrastructure, including IBM Power Systems®, IBM System z and open systems.
  • TS1140 tape drive also supports flexibility for growth and change in your data center.

3592 media options:

Utilize multiple media options including short and long lengths, re-writable and WORM formats and media partitioning, all with flexible ordering options.

Additional information

Weight5.7 kg
Dimensions9.5 × 19.8 × 46.7 cm



Recording technique

Linear serpentine

Number of tracks


Native capacity (uncompressed)

4 TB (using JC/JY media), 1.6 TB (using JB/JX media), or 500 GB (using JK media)

Burst Transfer Rate

800 MB/s


Temperature with media 16°C to 32°C (60°F to 90°F) Relative humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing (limited by media) Wet bulb maximum 23°C (73.4°F) Heat output 2.05 BTU/hr. Power requirements 600 Watts


SUSE Linux Red Hat Microsoft Windows


172 mm H × 442 mm W × 573 mm D (6.8 in. H × 17.4 in. W × 22.6 in. D)

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