IBM 3592 JE Advanced Data Tape Cartridge 20TB (02CE960)

The IBM 3592 JE 20TB Data Cartridge 02CE960 is a Generation 6 Advanced E 3592 cartridge with a native capacity of up to 20TB when used in an IBM 3592 TS1160 Tape Drive Model EO9 Gen 5 Drive which is 1163m long with a transfer rate of up to 400MB/Sec.

IBM 3592 JE Advanced Data Tape Cartridge 20TB (02CE960)

High-capacity tape media engineered for the enterprise

Features and Benefits

Native Capacity (60F format): 20 TB (18.19 TiB)

Case Color: Black

Label, door, and write-protect switch color: Brick Red

Advanced Type E

Tape Length: 1163 m

Product Line: IBM TotalStorage

Also available with Color Label 02CE960L) or with Color Label and Initialized (02CE960LI)

Additional information





Tape Cartridge

Media Type

TotalStorage 3592 Advanced Type E Data JE


20 TB (18.19 TiB)

Operating Conditions

60 – 90°F

Cartridge Disposal

Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261; can be disposed of as normal office trash