Custom RFID Barcode Labels for LTO Tapes

We offer RFID LTO Barcode Labels as a service to our customers. All barcode label orders must be associated with a matching Tape/Data Cartridge order.

We do not sell RFID LTO labels only! Label Quantity Must Match Tape Quantity.

Do you need RFID barcode labels so that your LTO tapes will work with your LTO Tape Library or Autoloader? Working with the leading tape manufacturers we create custom LTO RFID barcode labels to manufacturers specifications using your sequence numbers and color combinations. (P/N BCODE-LTO-RFID)

How it works

  1. On your initial order, we will email you and request information about your RFID system, autoloader/library and the style and sequence you.need.
  2. Once we have processed your labels, we will email you a digital proof of your labels to confirm your information.
  3. Once you approve your proof we print your labels, and, if you want, apply them to your tape order and ship your order.

Please note that RFID LTO Labels will be created by the tape manufacturer and can take up to 5 business days to ship.  We email proofs for your approval before printing and shipping the final product.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom sequencing and colors
  • High-quality label stock
  • Vertical or Horizontal Layout
  • colour-coded or Black and White
  • Any quantity (must match tape order)
  • Cleaning & Diagnostic Cartridge tape labels also available
  • Free label application service
  • Serial or ad-hoc labels
  • Custom and private label template available
  • ANSI/ISO standard barcode labels for LTO Ultrium Tapes

Quality Labels

  • Our RFID LTO barcode labels have been carefully engineered and tested to provide your customers with a rock-solid, high-performance label solution.
  • Our RFID LTO barcode labels are approved by drive manufacturers and tested for strength, tear resistance, readability, reflectivity, abrasion resistance and adhesion strength.
  • Our RFID LTO barcode labels have undergone environmental chamber testing including ageing, humidity & temperature.

Customized to Your Specifications

  • Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in designing your labels and provide direction on which label your customers will need.
  • We can accommodate ANY special requests you may have. Custom color palettes, font size and bar code orientation are no problem.

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